Publishing & Editorial Services

Multiple platforms working together to yield extraordinary results.


Our publishing expertise started in 2006 when we proudly launched CasaLife Magazine, the exclusive magazine of the Casa de Campo resort and community – the world’s leading golf resort. CasaLife immediately became the Dominican Republic’s most high-end luxury publication.

In the following years, we have continued to identify niche markets with extraordinary readers, and developed exciting and unique publications. Our ability to deliver extraordinary content to a base of loyal readers has provided impressive results to advertisers looking to reach niche markets in a cost effective manner.

Leveraging an experienced editorial and design team, with ample print and web experience, has also allowed us to provide our clients any number of our  various real-world talents for application on their own websites, or private label publications. Silgon is an ideal match for companies looking for effective publishing or editorial solutions.

Digital Services

Web Development. Email Marketing. Social Media Management.

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Our digital services division provides our clients with the digital services needed in todays increasingly competitive economy. From simple websites to larger scale implementations – our team provides the right solution for the short term problem and long term opportunity.  Make the most of our Web Development Experience, Email Marketing Platform, and  Social Media Management.

We offer a full portfolio of services for companies wanting to leverage the power of the internet.  Our service oriented approach allows our clients to feel at ease while we work together to identify their short and longer term needs and business goals, therein being able to deliver an ideal solution in a short amount of time.

Cultivating a direct relationship with clients and potential clients has never been more important. By offering an integrated email marketing platform that clients can manage on their own, we make it easy to attract new subscribers, send them beautiful email newsletters and see stunning reports on the results.

Most companies have a difficult time figuring out how to effectively use social media, let alone harness its tremendous potential. We can help. Our experienced team of savvy social media managers have worked with world class brands, as well as smaller family owned businesses to deliver desired, measurable results. 

Our Clients

Extraordinary brands demand extraordinary results.



Our clients and collaborators include some of the most prestigious companies in the world. These businesses benefit from our unique understanding of the niche markets and affluent readers, allowing them to use our media tools and expertise to expose their products and brands within this niche market, in a way which yields maximum results.